Native Landscapes

 Landscaping with Native Plants for Wildlife & Cultural Values 

About Randy and Native Landscapes

I founded Native Landscapes in January, 2013.  Prior to this, I worked for The Nature Conservancy in West Michigan and Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy.  Both of these jobs included all aspects involved in the ecological restoration of large natural areas.  This included project planning, budgeting, hiring, equipment purchasing, training, supervision, and, if lucky, actually getting my hands dirty working on these projects.

I see great value in project assessment and planning.  Knowing the past, the current, and the potential conditions provide a solid framework for any project. 

I received an AS Degree in Fisheries and Natural Resources from Kalamazoo Valley Community College (2003) and then went on to Michigan State University to earn a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife (2005).  I am slowly working my way to a MS Degree in Natural Resources Management at Grand Valley State University.

Randy Counterman on Japanese Knotweed in St. Joseph, MI

“Returning the Native Landscape... one yard at a time.”