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We offer numerous natural resources based services.  Some of those services are listed on this website and some are not.  If it is based outside and it involves plants and animals, then we are interested in working with you.

Habitat Management (Including Rare Species)

Native Landscapes has an abundance of experience managing habitat for rare species such as the Mitchell's satyr butterfly, the Karner blue butterfly, Eastern box turtle, spotted turtle, and the Eastern massasauga rattlesnake.  No project is too small.  Whether it involves removing 10 acres of shrub cover at Bow in the Clouds Preserve (shown here) or just a few from your private wetland, give us a call.


Ecological Assessment and Management Plan Writing

A good management plan begins with quantifiable assessment.  Knowing the current state of your project area and then comparing it with historic and desired outcome will make it easy to determine goals, objectives, and budgetary requirements.  We've done this for many clients including The Nature Conservancy, The Prairie Club, Kleinstuck Preserve, and many others.

Storm Water Management & Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Native Landscapes is State Certified to assist with planning and implementing storm water management and soil erosion and sedimentation control services.  This includes help with filling out and applying for State and Federal permits.


Native Plant Landscaping

Adding native plants to your personal landscape is not only beautiful, it also increases habitat for many native insects, birds, and other animals.  You can even turn your yard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat... just like we did!

Wetland Delineation

Native Landscapes has been involved with Wetland Restoration for over 20 years.  We are a member of the Michigan Wetlands Association.

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Natural Areas Trail Design and Installation

Designing and installing trails through natural areas is a favorite activity of Native Landscapes.  If you are ever in the area of Ross Coastal Plains Marsh Preserve in Covert, MI, stop by and check it out.  We just finished a project where we worked with The Nature Conservancy to both restore existing trail and build over a mile of new trail.

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